Fax Broadcasting

Step up your reach with our Managed Fax Broadcasting Service. With the growth of believer in Fax Marketing, you can now maximize your marketing dollars by using our Fax Broadcasting Service. Fax marketing is 10% more effective than Email marketing.

Our servers are directly connected to either TM or Time network hub and all faxes are sent out at the best quality to ensure clarify and readability. With the latest available technology, you can be sure that your faxes are delivered quickly and with the highest possible success rate.

At Virtual-Office.com.my, we are confident to say that if we are unable to deliver your fax to the destination number, 99.5% of the time the error is at the destination fax machine end.


It's really simple!

Send us the document you want to fax broadcast
Send us the list of fax numbers (as per our predefine format)
We will send you an invoice
You pay and we send
A report of campaign will be produced for you.

Our Fax broadcasting service is totally managed. Our team will oversee the entire mass faxing process for you and gives you a report once it is completed. All you need to do is to give us the list of fax numbers and the actual document to fax to them and we will take care of the rest for you. Virtual-Office.com.my mass faxing can even schedule your fax to be sent out starting at a specified time.


    How much does it cost?

Kuala Lumpur / Selangor Number (03)
Other States
200 - 1,000
RM0.15 / minute
RM0.20 / minute
RM0.40 / minute
1001 - 5,000
RM0.145 / minute
RM0.195 / minute
RM0.395 / minute
5,001 - 15,000
RM0.14 / minute
RM0.19 / minute
RM0.39 / minute
15,001 - 40,000
RM0.135 / minute
RM0.185 / minute
RM0.385 / minute
PLUS A fix fee of RM20 per 1 fax broadcast campaign.
Terms: Minimum RM50 per Fax Broadcast campaign.
  * 1 fax pages is equivalent to 1 minute of transmission time.
Step up your reach with our Managed Fax Broadcasting Service now!!