FAQ - Direct Inward Dialing Service

1.) What is DID and what is its advantages?

Direct Inward Dialing or DID helps you have a virtual presence here in the country if you are based in abroad. This is what call centers usually use since they can get it cheaper covering already a wider range.


2.) How does it really work?

You will be provided with a dedicated DID number, then it will be routed to a VOIP or SIP URI - whichever you desire - or it can also be forwarded to your mobile number at an additional costs depending which country you are in based on IDD call rates.


3.) Is the dedicated DID number provided a KL number?

Yes, it's a KL number that will be provided and it starts with +603.


4.) Can it accept calls from a 1300 or 1800 Toll Free?

Yes. It can accept calls from a 1300 or 1800 or from any number.


5.) Can it be forwarded to a VOIP or an SIP URI?

Yes, it can be forwarded to either of these destination.


6.) How many calls can it received for one DID number?

It can receive unlimited number of calls based on the number of channels that you added in your DID.


7.) What are the numbers that you provide?



8.) How many maximum channels can you set up for this DID?

You can take as many channels as you want.


9.) How much will it cost if I have to forward the DID to my mobile number?

There is an additional deposit of Rm300. The charges are based on IDD call rates to where you live. The charge starts at Rm0.15/minute.


10.) Is it possible for ur IT to map all incoming calls and then send out those calls to my IP address?

Yes, you will be provided with all these records.


11.) Do you have a detailed CDR admin portal for checking calls and its usage etc?

Yes we have. We can provide you that if you ask for it.


12.) What is the minimum and maximum usage of this service?

You can subscribe either for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 12 months then you can just renew the service.


13.) How long is the setup?

It's very fast. Probably just a maximum of 1 hour but it takes longer sometimes because of the testing until it reaches at its best.


14.) What if our switch and your switch is not compatible and doesn't work at all?

We give you money back guarantee then.


15.) Can we have a trial for the DID just to check if it all works?

We can conduct a testing for the DID for just 1 hour. Just provide us with all the details so we can set up for you and we'll let you know of the schedule of the test.


16.) How do you charge for DID?

One-time setup fee: Rm50
Monthly fee for DID number: Rm15
Minimum Term: 3 months
Maximum Term: 12 months
Additional channel: Rm12 per channel


17.) How do I make a payment?

You can pay by bank transfer to our Maybank account, credit card online, paypal, by cheque or you can visit us in one of our branches.