Malaysia DID Number

DID number enable you to to have a Malaysia telephone number wherever you are. By taking advantage of SIP technologies, you can answer calls to your Malaysia DID number anywhere in the world as long as you have a reliable internet connection.


Benefits of Using DID Number

Businesses from other states or countries can now have an instant 'presence' here in Kuala Lumpur or Subang Jaya, Malaysia without actually having a physical office and phone number. Your customers can call your Malaysia DID and you can answer the call from anywhere in the world as long as your IP Phone is connected to our system!

Still unsure what is DID number? Please read more at Wikipedia

As the 1st company in Malaysia to offer Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (+603) DID numbers, we strive to provide the best value and service at all time.

Malaysia DID number – Softphone clients for iPhone users
Yes and the best (paid) is Bria Iphone Edition
Free - 3CXPhone


How does it work?

Upon sign up, you will receive an account activation email from us within 24 hours with your Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur DID number, SIP username & password and our server address for you to configure your IP phone. Once you receive this email, your DID number is ready for use and your friends, business partners, associates, customers can start calling your Malaysia DID number to reach you where ever you are.

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    How much does it cost?

One time setup fee RM50 or approximately US$12
Monthly Fee per Malaysia (+603) DID number RM32 per month or approximately US$11 per month
Minimum term 3 months
Additional Channel RM12 per month per channel
Payment method Telegraphic Transfer, Paypal, Credit card or Cheque

All DID number enjoys unlimited, untimed incoming calls! You can't beat that!

Sign up for a Malaysia DID Number and be operational in minutes!