Tele-Conference Service - A smart way to connect multiple caller

Conference call allow multiple caller or in this case we call it conference participants to have a discussion over the telephone from anywhere in the world simultaneously in a "conference room" securely and privately.

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Conference Call Features

Easy to use
Virtual Office Conference call service is easy to start or join a conference call. Just dial your dedicated conference call number, enter a PIN and start talking! You will get automated voice prompt when a user join or leave your conference room.
Crystal clear voice quality for all participants
Effective conference call require everyone to be hear clearly with no delays. Virtual Office Conference Call service only uses the enterprise grade equipments and direct ISDN line from Telekom to offer you the clearest and most reliable service possible at all time.
No booking Necessary and Available 24/7/365
Hold your meeting when you want it. No pre-arrangement is required for conference call for up to 25 users simultaneously at one time.
Reliable, 24/7/365 – Conference call service your business can depend on
Virtual Office Conference Call System is build from ground up using the same ultra reliable equipment as the world’s largest teleconference service providers. This means that you can be sure our tele conference service will always be available when you need it. In addition to that, our conference call server is being monitored and test regularly by our automated monitoring daemon


    How much does Virtual Office Tele Conference Call Service Cost?

Number of maximum participants  
4 participants
RM200 per month
8 participants
RM350 per month
12 participants
RM400 per month
16 participants
RM500 per month
24 participants
RM550 per month
Addon Service  
All conference call can be recorded and made available to authorize users for download. RM50 per month regardless number of conferences call made

Excellent sound quality conference call service for businesses of any sizes

Get connected with multiple users in a smart way!

Each teleconference account will comes with a dedicated (+603) landline phone number for your team to call and it is protected by a PIN only known to your account administrator. All our conference call plans are based on number of maximum participants and not by the minutes like other providers.